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Photography Classes

Summer 2019

Kids Art & Photography Camp

In this two or three day photo art camp, children ages 5-9 will experience hands-on, entry level photography with real & imaginative cameras: using art based projects to explore the nature of what a photograph is and what it can be.

  • Day 1: Chalk Dream Portraits/ Collaborative Self Portrait/ Frame Painting
  • Day 2: The Best Part of Me/ Writing Journal/ Family Memory Mobiles
  • Day 3: Nature/ Sun Print Day/ Collage

Parents are welcome to stay with their child or drop them off.  Students are welcome to bring any type of camera, even if it is a toy, as the instructor will be making most of the portraits with a class camera.  Children are welcome to bring decorative materials for picture frames.  Please wear sunscreen & bring a sun hat.  Email the instructor with any questions about supplies.  [email protected]

Instructor: Maria Ellen Huebner,

Location: Art Room (2nd floor) Bullen Center, 43 S. Main

Day and Time: July 25-27 (Thurs-Sat), 9:30am-12pm

Cost: $72

Two Day Option

Day and Time: July 25-26 (Thurs-Fri), 9:30am-12pm

Cost: $56

Digital Photography

In eight weeks you will learn specifics of how to use your DSLR outside of AUTO mode & utilize features you may not even realize are in there. Getting comfortable in Manual Mode & taking control of the features, will help you make any type of image you can imagine! We spend 4-5 weeks in the classroom, 2-3 weeks shooting, and finish with a live critique where we, as a class see the difference in your work.  This is a great place to begin learning about your camera and introductory photography concepts.

Instructor: Jesse Walker

Location: Thatcher-Young Mansion, 35 W. 100 S., Logan

Day and Time: June 4, Tuesdays, 6:30-8:00 PM (8 weeks)

Cost: $108

Cyanotype Printing Workshop (6 classes)

Join us in this introduction to one of the earliest 19th century photographic processes, the cyan blue print.  The workshop is suitable for everyone, especially beginners.  You will learn how to rip paper to size, mix the chemicals, coat paper and expose using a UV light/Sunlight to make your own cyanotype photograms, acetate digital negatives and a medium or large format film negative.  You will create a beautiful set of blue prints using objects & subjects of your choice.  There will be a vast selection of items you can experiment with, or if you prefer to collect & bring your own found objects such as items of nature, flowers and leaves, beads and buttons or lace.  Almost anything can be used, so be resourceful and creative.  Paper sizes vary at the workshop – up to 8″x10″.  For the advanced student, you may want to experiment with stencils, or make drawings on acetate or shoot a larger format camera for larger negatives.  A supply list will be provided prior to our first class (check your email).  Bring a notepad and pencil.  Wear old clothes, or bring an apron.  Many of your exposures will be done outside of class & one session will be scheduled earlier in the day at an agreed upon location with good light.

Please check out the instructor’s site before you sign-up.

Instructor: Maria Ellen Huebner

Location: Art Room (2nd floor) Bullen Center, 43 S. Main

Day and Time: July 23, Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30 PM (6 weeks)

Cost: $138

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Pro-rating and/or pay by class is not available.