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Ceramics Classes
Location: Bullen Center, 43 S. Main Logan – 1st floor Ceramics Studio

Summer Term

Summer Term: June 3-August 2

No class June 17-20, July 1-11, or July 22-25.

Children’s Camps (age 5-12)

  • Camp 1 Living Creatures June 3-6, 9am-12pm $96
  • Camp 2 Patterns/Math June 10-13, 9am-12pm $96
  • Camp 3 Mythology in Ceramics June 24-27, 9am-12pm $96
  • Camp 4 Imagined Places July 15-18, 9am-12pm $96

Save money by enrolling in all four camps for $299.  Two-Day option available for $49.

Camps include play with clay, art history, snacks and fun. Age 5-12 (or permission).

Pre-Teen/Teen Ceramics (age 9-17)

  • 1-3pm Tuesdays & Thursdays $126 + $17 clay
  • 3:30-5:30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays $126 + $17 clay

Classes for ages 9-17 (or permission).  Students learn about ceramic artwork and choose what they most wish to create with a strong focus on wheel throwing.  Class will meet 9 times on Tuesdays and Thursdays June 4, 6, 11, 13, 25, 27, July 16, 18, and August 1 for glazing.

Four-Day option available.  Choose four days you can attend and pay $74 + $17 clay

Individual classes $15 per class (register through the Retail Link)

Adult Ceramics

  • 1-4pm Mondays & Wednesdays $149 + $17 clay
  • 5:30-8:30pm Mondays & Wednesdays $149 + $17 clay

Students choose what they most wish to create by hand building or wheel throwing.  Teachers investigate and teach whatever aspects of ceramics a student requests.  All skill levels welcome.  Gas reduction cone 10 firings.  Class will meet 9 times on Mondays and Wednesdays June 3, 5, 10, 12, 24, 26, July 15, 17, and on Friday August 2 for glazing.

Individual classes $19 per class + $17 clay (register through the Retail Link)

Please call, text or email me with any questions.  We are happy to work with unusual schedules and requests.  Private parties available.

Beth Calengor, CacheARTS Ceramics Director 435 764-2286 or [email protected]

If a student prefers to be in a class that is not listed in their age group, please contact the teacher, Beth Calengor, at 435-764-2286 for permission.  Any student may enroll at any time in a single class or in an on-going class.  It is not necessary to join a class at the beginning, and joining late in the session will not make ceramics more difficult for the student.  All skill levels welcome.

Instructors – Beth Calengor, Daniel Bialkowski, and Gaia Nafziger