Ruth Call

Ruth Burleigh Call



Ruth Burleigh Call, wife of W. Vosco Call, was a graduate of Utah State University. She was an actress, teacher, director, advisor, mentor, playwright, and above all, an advocate of young people’s imaginations.  Ruth believed in the theatre’s power to enrich the lives of everyone, but especially the lives of young people.  She believed that they deserved no less than the very best work her cast and crew could give a production, no matter how large or small the show.  Ruth expected hard work and absolute dedication – if theatre was to be done, it should be done as well as possible.

She established Unicorn Theatre in 1962, which unlocked the imagination of thousands of youth.  Many of those young people have gone on to pursue careers in theater because of Ruth and her vision.  Unicorn Theatre teaches classes from pre-school through High School, and gives them a chance to perform as they learn.

She began “Pillow Theatre” as a forum for the youth in her classes to have the opportunity to perform.  The shows are performed by youth for audiences of youth and parents who sit on the floor with pillows and become part of a magical experience beginning at a very young age.  Pillow Theatre helps teach the audience as well, showing them how to sit quietly, how to show their appreciation of the actors, and how to foster an interest and love for the performing arts that stay with them as they grow.


Ruth’s life was dedicated to teaching young people to think on their feet, to value and share their own ideas without self consciousness, and to make live theatre an integral part of the everyday lives of the youth in our valley.