PhotoClix + ART Photography Class

January 28-February 18 (4 weeks) for teens age 12-17.

Tuesdays 5:00-6:30pm

This introductory ART Photography class is an introduction to “seeing” and using the camera as a tool to capture the extraordinary that is right in front of us on a daily basis. The student can use the digital camera of choice as well as practice with the class DSLR for classroom projects only. Each class will end with an outdoor walk about photo safari. Students will be asked to email the instructor one or more files per week so they can be printed at a local print lab.  Taught by Maria Ellen Huebner.

$85 Tuition + $15 materials fee (Enroll by January 10 and save $40!)

The first session will cover the introduction to using a digital camera and to framing up a composition that works effectively with the subject matter. This session will end with a photographic scavenger hunt.

Session two: We will focus on the “self image” and what each student finds to be the “Best Part of themselves.” We will photograph those parts/ pieces collaboratively, this project will also include a portion that includes a writing assignment. Example: Eyes – so they can read or see… We will edit in & outside of class & print a collection of the images for the next class session.

Session three: We will then work in collaboration to build a full scale portrait using the photo montage/ joiner technique. We will also apply color and type onto the pieces.

Session four: We will experiment with some, not all of these novelty photographic techniques to create the idea of soft focus, double exposures & bokeh light shaping, Focal Length Pulls, reflection/ shadow & Night Photography. Students will be asked to email the instructor one or more files per week so they can be printed at a local print lab.

Location: Art Room (2nd floor) Bullen Center, 43 S. Main

The Art of Seeing

April 7- May 12 (6 weeks)

Tuesdays 6:15-8:15pm

This class is an exploration of “seeing the art in the everyday”…an exploration of that beauty of that & learning to talk about it.  We will practice shooting using existing light while trying to remain a “fly on the wall.”  The instructor, Maria Ellen Huebner, will share some techniques in the idea of shooting “on the street” while remaining unobtrusive to the scene.

We will be “walking the streets of Logan, Utah” and neighboring locations agreed upon pre-class session, be prepared with proper weather and walking attire.  We will concentrate and be challenged to create environmental portraiture, candid everyday scenes and people oriented landscape imagery while being ready to create pictorial imagery as we see it.

The class will have actual and on-line critiques on a weekly basis and the class will end with a small showing of work and a Portfolio Exchange.

The student should have a basic understanding of his or her camera and can use the camera of choice with access of a reflector or foam core fill card.

Please check out the instructor’s website before you sign-up.

$130 Tuition + $10 supply fee (Enroll by March 20 and save $40!)

Location: Art Room (2nd floor) Bullen Center, 43 S. Main

Digital Photography

Winter: January 28- March 17 (8 weeks) or Spring: April 7-May 26 (8 weeks)

Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm

In eight weeks you will learn specifics of how to use your DSLR outside of AUTO mode & utilize features you may not even realize are in there. Getting comfortable in Manual Mode & taking control of the features, will help you make any type of image you can imagine! We spend 4-5 weeks in the classroom, 2-3 weeks shooting, and finish with a live critique where we, as a class see the difference in your work.  This is a great place to begin learning about your camera and introductory photography concepts. Taught by Jesse Walker.

$130 Tuition (Enroll by Jan 10 and save $40!)

Location: Thatcher-Young Mansion, 35 W. 100 S., Logan


Jesse Walker

A scorpiologist by day, and photographer by night (plus occasional weekends), Jesse has been shooting professionally since 2009 while working on a doctoral degree in biology at USU. He’s shot over 50 weddings in that time, and has learned to stop worrying and love the amazing piece of software that is Adobe Lightroom.

Maria Ellen Huebner

my simple story…  

I really did grow up on a potato farm in beautiful Midwest America. My mother a Mexican migrant worker from the south and my pops a first generation German farmer “making his way.”

Their “love story” is a great one… if interested ask me about it. It is definitely filled with “triumph & tragedy!”

I was lucky to have found my “true love” early on, ART then Photography which really to me means and equals one!

Like many other photographers I am inspired and curious by people and the ways in which they live.  The importance of the “humanity” of people and their place in my work is an un-ending journey and search. Forever curious, forever young and forever taking a chance to see life and its random circumstance.

I studied art at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and earned my MFA at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

My mentors are many and I am lucky for that… Over the last twenty years I have worked on many fine art, commercial and journalistic projects using various camera formats and lighting conditions. I sure hope to keep them coming…

I am fortunate to have over a decade of teaching experience at various schools like the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, & as a Graduate student I served as a TA at the University WI – Madison in the Art Department, I also served as an Adjunct Photo Prof at Carthage College (Which was one of my favorite teaching gigs.), & my longest run (11 Years) was a Photo Faculty member in the Media & Creative Arts Department at the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

But… then of course a new “life circumstance” the West came calling…. So as it stands I travel from the West to the Midwest to the West still making pictures! Still searching, still teaching, still in love & still “dancing with strangers.”

Some Clients & Publications

Goodwill Industries, Boys and Girls Club, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Washington Post, Milwaukee Magazine, Shepard Express, Time Warner Cable, Fine Woodworking Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Milwaukee Public Museum, Wisconsin Dells Convention & Visitors Bureau, Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee County Transit, MKE Magazine, Cramer-Krasselt, Hoffman York, Griffin Design, Boelter + Lincoln, Hanson Dodge Creative