Theater Master Class with Aquila

Students of the Logan Youth Shakespeare, Logan High School, and Sky View High School Drama programs worked with Aquila Theatre’s Hemi Yeroham in a special Physical Theatre master class.  Hemi will play several different roles in the November 7 production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, including Mr. Rucastle, Woman, King of Bohemia, Cab Driver, Clergy, and a Shabbily Dressed Man.  The master class was anything BUT shabby!

Students began by introducing themselves in a memorable way, something any actor needs to practice for auditions.  The rest of the time was used to learn several exercises that focus on forming an ensemble style of acting.  Hemi discussed ways students could improve upon specificity and intention when telling a story.  He encouraged students to use their creativity to add and enhance the ideas of their group members.  The students physically portrayed simple three part “pictures” to demonstrate abstract ideas like loyalty, justice, and betrayal.  The students were able to speak with Hemi and ask questions, such as what it’s like to be a part of a touring cast and to work in other countries, something that is very familiar to all cast members of Aquila Theatre.  Hemi was so pleased by the students willingness and enthusiasm to learn.

You can see Hemi Yeroham and the entire Aquila Theatre cast perform in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes tonight, November 7, at 7:30 PM in the Ellen Eccles Theatre.  Students get  50% discount.   Several 4th grade through High School students will also have the opportunity to see the guided tour of Sherlock Holmes as part of Aquila Theatre’s education and outreach programming as presented by Cache Valley Center for the Arts.