Rare Sighting

Last night we caught a glimpse of Cory Castillo, Technical Director for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, at the goosebump inducing performance of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Liszt’s Totentanz.

We haven’t seen Cory on the audience side of the curtain at the Ellen Eccles Theatre since the Guthrie Theatre’s performance of Othello in 2004. He’s usually behind the scenes masterminding the many elements that have to come together to make a successful show. So he’s seen everything, but from a unique angle – and there’s more than one occasion where he’s seen more drama during the show than the audience has.

Cory has been with the Center for the Arts since 2008, and in addition to his backstage experience, he is a talented actor, singer and musician. Some folks will know him from his work with the band Dry Lake. He is currently a solo performer and in his down time he is building his own custom guitar.

We were also delighted to see Amanda Castillo, a former Marketing Director for the Cache Valley Center for the Arts.

We hope you enjoyed the show, Cory! See you in another 11 years.