Puppet Program

Diane Terry began designing and implementing visual arts projects for elementary school children in Cache Valley in 1992. Since then over 10,000 children have made books or puppets with her. 

When children are given the opportunity to make puppets, the magic grows along with artistic and writing skills. Armature building, modeling of forms, painting, sewing and collage are all incorporated in the making of a hardhead puppet. Puppets can be used to help students write or improvise freely, or to develop a play related to curriculum topics. This project is offered to third-graders.

Students who participate in the book project experience printmaking, paper marbling, measuring, cutting and assembling of a sewn hard-cover journal. The journals can be used for journal writing, collecting or writing poetry, or a host of other purposes, either independently or as part of curriculum goals. One possibility would be to use the journal for science fieldwork in support of a science unit. This project is offered to fifth-graders.

These programs are funded for Cache Valley students by the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation-Russell Family. 
In addition,  Diane is available for residencies, teacher training, and short-term activities through the Utah Arts Council.

Contact Information:

Diane Terry



  1.   June 4, 2018, 10:06 am

    We loved making puppets with Diane! She made it incredibly easy and the kids loved to be creative! Is there any way to get the addresses of the Eccles and Russell families to send thank you’s?

    •   June 5, 2018, 4:17 pm

      Thanks for the comment! Send them to CacheArts 43 S. Main Logan, UT 84321 and we can get them to the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation-Russell Family.

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