Lori Caley

Lori has loved dancing and performing since she was a little girl. She focused her studies on ballet and jazz while growing up, and performed with ballet and dance companies throughout her life. Her love for modern dance and creative movement developed from taking classes at Ricks College and BYU. Lori received her Minor in Modern Dance and her BA in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology in 2006 from BYU. She is the mother of four wonderful children: Caleb, Max, Afton, and Hazel. Her husband, Bart, is her best friend and supporter, and she is blessed to have him. She was thrilled to find VDE in 2010, and completely enjoys her time teaching classes and dancing with the company. Dancing is the best outlet, and provides her with the opportunity to improve her skills, teach, and make new friends – all while continuing to pursue her passion of dance