Living State of Dance

A Somatic Dance Improvisation & Composition Summer Intensive

For ages 18 and up.  No specific dancing experience is necessary although any experience in dance, acting, yoga or martial arts would be helpful.  Who may particularly benefit from taking this class?

  • Actors in training
  • Performers
  • Anyone interested in Yoga and somatic practice
  • Anyone with an interest in the arts but are not quite sure how to express that interest
  • Anyone who suffers from injury, chronic pain and/or emotional discomfort

Class Description: Each class starts with a grounding and freeing entry to Dance.  Somatic exploration, derived from Skinner Releasing Technique and Modern Dance, are paired with gentle breathing approaches and forms from classical hatha yoga practice.

Structured improvisations then follow, while embodying the basic premise of Michael Chekhov’s psycho-physical work: from Body to Space to Imagination.  While explorations at times serve as stepping stones for journaling and self-investigation, they are also used to generate choreographed material to be implemented in a culminating sharing.  This workshop is heavily concentrated on process and sensorial explorations, yet it is essential that the work discovered be shared and offered back to the community via the form of a public event.  The philosophy behind this work is that Dance is a way of knowing and being in the world, and it is also a way of sharing beauty.  The performance will be Friday at 7:30pm.

Instructor: Camille Litalien

Location: Classroom (2nd Floor), Bullen Center, 43 S. Main in Logan

Days and Time: June 26-30, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Cost: $200 – enrollment will be available beginning in April 2017

Wear comfortable, loose clothing to class.

About the Instructor

Photo by Peter Hallward


The Living State of Dance is a method developed by Camille Litalien over the last 20 years while training professional actors and dancers.  Learn more about the instructor and The Living State of Dance at: