Gallery Walk

Join us for a stroll downtown and enjoy art on display from budding young talent to world class artists. The store fronts and historic buildings of Logan’s downtown make one large art gallery. Enjoy the food, music, art, and festivities that downtown Logan has to offer during Gallery Walk – your free ticket to the arts.

  • October 11 from 6-9pm
  • December 20 from 6-9pm

Otto Derr

Logan Library, 255 N Main

Intarsia Woodwork

Bill Hedgecock

S.E. Needham Jewelers, 141 N Main

Metal Sculpture

Madison Pope

The Sportsman, 129 N Main

Chalk Paint over Salvaged Paintings

Casey Neal

Caffe Ibis Gallery Deli, 52 Federal Ave

Pencils & Realism

Tami Ungerman

Global Village Gifts, 53 E 100 N – NEW Address!

Majolica Pottery

Gallery Artists

Logan Fine Art, 60 W 100 N

Holly Conger

The Artists’ Gallery, 43 S Main

Revealed and Concealed

For Businesses:

If you would like to have your business be a part of Gallery Walk, complete the following steps at least three weeks before the event.  Questions?  Call 435.554.7065.  2019 Information Flyer.

  1. Registration – add your business to Gallery Walk
  2. Payment – request an invoice at registration or pay with VISA or Mastercard by phone.  Call 435.554.7065.
  3. Artist Information – submit artist information for your location