Gallery Walk

2018 Dates:

  • September 28 from 6-9 PM
  • December 7 from 6-9 PM

Join us for a stroll around Logan’s Historic Downtown. Each Gallery Walk features fantastic art from budding young talent to world class artists.  The store fronts and historic buildings of Logan’s downtown make one large art gallery for the many fascinating art pieces that are displayed.

Friday, September 28 from 6-9 PM

Connect with the Google Map HERE or save our Gallery Walk Map graphic to your phone! If you will not be using a smart phone during your walk, Gallery maps will be available at each of the locations to help guide you through all of the art the Walk has to offer.

This month’s walk is being held in conjunction with the THE BLOCK festival. #theblockfestival

Jose Maria Velasco - Logan Library

Jose Maria Velasco at Logan Library, 255 N Main

Melvin King1

Melvin King at Even Stevens, 131 N Main


Marissa Lords Devey at The Sportsman, 129 N Main

Russ Fjeldsted at Mountain Place Gallery, 123 N Main

Russ Fjeldsted at Mountain Place Gallery, 123 N Main

Greg Frehner at Lucky Slice Pizza, 64 Federal Ave

Jenn Seeley at Caffe Ibis Gallery Deli 52 Federal Ave

San Da at Global Village Gifts, 69 E 100 N

Fall Salon at Logan Fine Art, 60 W 100 N

Katie Swain1

Katie Swain at Stacked Pancakes, 31 N Main

Sarah Jane Eaton-Joanna

Sarah Jane Eaton at The Red Fox, 72 W Center

Ciara Connors 1

Ciara Connors at The Artists’ Gallery, 43 S Main

Sherrill Gordon-Mark Smith Splash

Sherrill Gordon & Mark Smith at Fuhriman’s Framing & Fine Art, 75 S Main

Restored Logan City School District Collection at Logan High School, 162 W 100 S

Natalie Shupe Red Castle 30 x 40 oil $2,600

Natalie Shupe at S.E. Needham Jewelers, 141 N Main

For Businesses:

If you would like to have your business be a part of Gallery Walk, complete the following steps.  Questions?  Call 435-554-7065.

  1. Registration – add your business to Gallery Walk
  2. Payment – request an invoice at registration or pay with VISA/Mastercard by phone.  Call 435-554-7065.
  3. Artist Information – submit artist information for your location