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Visual Arts Program

Fall Term

Early registration discounts through Aug 25: $50 off Drawing for Teens or Watercolors; $25 off Painting for Kids or Drawing for Kids.

Registration closes September 6.

Fall term begins September 11.  Classes meet once a week for ten weeks.  Pro-rating is not available.

  • Painting for Kids (ages 8-12) Mondays 4-5PM $135 Kara M. Swensen
  • Drawing for Kids (ages 8-12) Tuesdays 4-5PM $135 Kara M. Swensen (full)
  • Drawing for Teens (ages 13-17) Thursdays 4-6PM $250 Tess Cramer
  • Watercolors (teens/adults) Thursdays 6:30-8:30PM $250 Kristi Grussendorf

Location: Bullen Arts Center 43 S. Main, Logan – 2nd floor, S.E. corner Art Studio

Painting and Drawing for Kids:  These two classes focus on the elements and principles of art including line, value, shape, color, texture and balance, harmony, unity, rhythm, and contrast.   Projects will be fun and challenging.  Students who have a good understanding of the basics can work on individualized projects.  Supplies are included in the cost of the class.

Drawing for Teens:  This class is for mature teens who wish to cultivate life drawing skills and learn how to apply those abilities in exciting multi-media methodologies. This class will begin with classic still-life training in graphite and then evolve to incorporate personal photographs through varied drawing medias and techniques.  This class should demonstrate how a young artist can utilize a traditional skill to forge contemporary methods of creation.  As a bonus, this class will also touch upon minor art history concepts and contemporary art practices.  Students will need to bring their own 18″ x 24″ sketch pad – ideally Biggie.

Watercolors:  Teens who enroll need to feel comfortable in an adult environment.  This class is for beginners, advanced students, and in-between.  Instructor Kristi Grussendorf will focus on individual needs and give students the tools to take their art to the next level.  This will be a safe place for exploration and learning.  Please don’t spend a lot on materials until you know what you want.  In fact, the teacher can set you up with some basics the first day.  Just bring an open mind & your enthusiasm.

Click here for a list of watercolor supplies you may need to purchase
Paints: Bring what you have but it’s recommended that you have at least three tubes of professional quality paint in the primaries (red, blue & yellow). My two favorite reds are cadmium red & permanent alizarin crimson. My favorite blues are ultramarine & cerulean & my favorite yellows are either cadmium, aureolin (there are lots of nice ones) & a raw sienna. Some of my favorite brands: Holbein, M. Graham, Daniel Smith, Utrecht…as long as it says it’s a professional grade, it should be just fine.
Brushes: Bring what you have. If you don’t have any, just use the brushes in the art room until you know what you want.
Watercolor paper: I currently use Arches & Fabriano paper – cold press or rough -140 lb full (22 x30) sheets (start with a couple) or watercolor pads/blocks (10 x 14 or 12 x 16 would be a good size). I have a few watercolor sheets that I can sell you for $5/each.
Misc. – small spray bottle, a plastic palette with cover or any flat surface like a butcher tray or plastic plate, masking tape, a rigid board with a non absorbent surface on which to tape your paper (if you’re using single sheets).