New Horizons Orchestra Holiday Concert

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New Horizons Orchestra Holiday Concert Dec 7, 2015 at 6PM Carousel Ballroom, Bullen Center 43 South Main, Logan, UT The Cache Valley New Horizons Orchestra (CVNHO) welcomes the public to celebrate this beautiful holiday season at their performance tonight, December 7th, in the Bullen Center’s Carousel Ballroom at 6:00pm. CVNHO was formed in September of 2014. Co-sponsored by Cache Valley Center for the Arts and the USU Music Department, CVNHO is one of many in the New Horizons Orchestra international organization of adult string players. The group is led by veteran teachers Patty Bartholomew and Janice McAllister and assisted by…

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Theater Master Class with Aquila

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Students of the Logan Youth Shakespeare, Logan High School, and Sky View High School Drama programs worked with Aquila Theatre's Hemi Yeroham in a special Physical Theatre master class.  Hemi will play several different roles in the November 7 production of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, including Mr. Rucastle, Woman, King of Bohemia, Cab Driver, Clergy, and a Shabbily Dressed Man.  The master class was anything BUT shabby! Students began by introducing themselves in a memorable way, something any actor needs to practice for auditions.  The rest of the time was used to learn several exercises…

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